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The Task


The Process


The Evaluation


The Conclusion





Now that you have acquired the skills to be a real life Visual Basic Programmer, it is time for you to exercise this ability in one final (or maybe not final) event. VISUAL BASIC, THE FINAL CHAPTER






Text Box:  You have been chosen by Ben E. Freleng, owner and operator of Freleng Enterprises Inc. to save his company. Freleng Enterprises, once powerful GAME LORD in the personal computer realm, has fallen on difficult times. Extensive research and disgruntled employees have resulted in an excessive amount of wasted time and money.

As a last resort, Mr Freleng has given you a call. He remembers you from a robust and joyous college experience and remembers that you were voted "First to succeed in Game Programming." He pleads with you. "I must have a game that is beyond all games."

Having been well trained in the art of V.B. programming you are quick to act.







Text Box:

The Game Project will consist of 3 parts.




I. Design overview of the game. Use Flowcharts or Psuedocode to establish the vision and general procedure of the Game.


II. CODE and TEST the Game in Visual Basic.


III. Present the Game to the Company Board of Directors...

(your class peers)










You will be graded for each category on the following SCALE:


(A: Outstanding B: Satisfactory C: Does not Meet Requirement)



I. Idea:






Game Idea:





II. Objects:





Use of the following Objects:

       Labels-Option Box-Check Box-

       TextBox-Combo Box-MsgBox-

       Input Box-Cmd Button




III. Decision Statements:












Use of Decision Statements:

       If Then Else-For Next-

       Select Case-Do Until-

       Do While













Use of IMAGES:

       Enhance Game Layout

       Visual Appearance



V. Multiple Forms:











Multiple Forms as required:

       Add a Splash Screen

       Add an About Screen

       1 Additional Screen specific

to your game.



VI. Security System:



Security System to enable only specific users to play the game.



VII. Random Function:



Implement the RND Function and Randomize Statement



VIII. Oral Presentation:



Present your Game to class.







Text Box:

Upon successful completion, you will have experienced, on a small scale, the entire lifecycle of the professional programmers effort. From initial idea to final marketing presentation, you have taken part in an all-encompassing effort. Feel good about your accomplishments.









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