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Instructional Technology Standard



Example Lessons


1.††† Technology tools for word processing, databases, spreadsheets, print/graphic utilities, multi- and hypermedias, presentations, videos for the purpose of formal and informal assessment, instruction, and administration for professional and instructional use.



Dodger Baseball

Baseball Math

History of Word

History of EXCEL


Powerpoint Navigation

Marketing a Product

Manipulating a Movie List



2.    Communications and research tools such as email, world wide web, web browsers, and other online applications that link to the state standards and requirements, for professional and instructional use.



Student Portfolio

Travel Across the U.S.A.

Dodger Baseball

A Word Web Page



3. †† Criteria for selection, evaluation, and use of appropriate computer technology based materials to support a variety of instructional methods.



Web Analysis

Evaluating WEB Sites

Search Engines

Evaluating Electronic Devices



4.    Ethical and social issues surrounding privacy, copyright, and crime relating to educational technology and resources.



Web Site Detective

Technology Ethics Debates


5.   Use of resources for adaptive assistive devices that provide access for all students.



Projectors in the classroom to reinforce instruction.

Hearing Impaired are assisted with devices that amplify lecture.

All students have hands-on access to desktop computers.



6.   Methods to support classroom teachers and other school personnel in improving student learning through appropriate use of technology in the classroom, including consultation techniques and professional development.



Providing informal faculty training.

Member of Diocesan Professional Development committee.

Providing in-house formal training to all faculty.Office Integration Course

Outside services:MESPA 


Professional Teaching Standards



Example Lessons


1. Plans Curriculum and Instruction


Baseball Math

More Baseball Fun

History of EXCEL



Marketing a Product

Manipulating a Movie List



2. Delivers Effective Instruction


 Visual Basic Project


Student Electronic Portfolio


Fruit Game



3. Manages Classroom Climate and Operation


Maintain high standards and student expectations: (See Holy Name Technology Page)

Maintain all Equipment (hubs, cabling, P.C.ís, tablets, printers).

Overhead projector for visual reinforcement.

Strong Summative Evaluation for performance.



4. Promotes Equity



Differentiated Instruction.

Provide opportunities for multi-level success.

Vary instruction to meet student needs.



5. Meets Professional Responsibilities


 Systemic Change to Technology Curriculum

Research on Teacher Opinions of Technology Implementation.

Technology Budget Plan

Member of Diocesan Technology Committee.

Member of Diocesan Professional Development Committee.


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