Well,  here’s the good news.   If you’re looking at this page, you are probably very close to having completed your STUDENT ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIO.   Now you’ve got to present it to the class.


Perform the following tasks and GOOD LUCK!


·       Go to the monster site and begin your search for a job.  As you research the job offerings,  pay close attention to the requirements for the job you seek.

·       Once you have selected a job,  go back to your portfolio and make sure that you can speak to some of the job requirements through your portfolio.   For instance,  if you found a job posting for nursing,  you should have something in your resume that shows experience or interest in this profession.

·       See below for a list of potential questions that will be asked when you enter the room to be interviewed.   This is also a great time to make sure that all the links are working correctly on your page

·       Be confident.   Be prepared goes a long way toward securing this.  You’ve done the work, now be proud to show it off!


Examples of Interview Questions.