I.                   THE PREPARATION: Teams will have 3 class sessions over a period of 3 weeks , to develop their team structure, organization, research, analysis and final presentation.


a.       Teams will immediately establish roles. ( scribe, leader, spokesperson, timekeeper)

b.      Team members will act at all times with RESPECT toward each other and opposing teams. Failure to exhibit a Respectful demeanor throughout the project, will cost at least 1 grade point per infraction.

c.       Teams will begin research , internet, common knowledge, news etc..

d.      Once the team has discerned enough speaking points, they will each accept a topic point. Each team member will be responsible to prepare a 2 minute oral presentation on their point. See attached for hint on oral presentation structure.

e.       Once team members have developed their individual presentations, teams will regroup to observe , assist each other and develop their speaking line up and strategy.



II.                THE PRESENTATION: We will schedule each of 4 Technology debates in class.


a.       Each team will gather on opposing sides of the room. Accesory materials, ie charts, powerpoint slides must be requested on the day before the scheduled presentation.


b.      I will present the Scenario to the class who will sit respectfully throughout the debate process.


c.       The Pro team spokesperson will then stand and proclaim the stance of their team.


d.      The Con team spokesperson will then stand and proclaim the stance of their team.


e.       We will then proceed with the Pro team, first speaker presentation.


f.        We then proceed to the Con team presentation.


g.       We will continue alternating and WE WILL HAVE NO INTERRUPTIONS during the Oral Presentations.


h.       All classroom members will take notes on the quality of the presentation.


i.         After all presentations are made. Each team will be encouraged to present a 1 minute rebuttal. Con team will go first.


j.        Once all speaking is complete, the classroom will vote privately on the winning presentation.


k.      Votes will be collected and a final decision given on the following day of class.





The grading will be threefold.

a.       Each student will receive an individual TEST GRADE for their own oral presentation.

b.      Students will receive a TEST GRADE for their team effort.

c.       The winning team, as voted on by the class, will receive an additional quiz grade of 100.






TEAM LAYOUT CHART ( Hand in a copy at time of presentation)








































I.                     Introduction Name: ______________________________________________


                     Establish Pro/ Con and Identify specific point you will defend/ oppose:


         My name is __________. Technology is doing great damage to world communications Let me prove this by examining the use of MYSPACE.COM. and its effect on today's student population.




II.                   Site examples, with justification, relay a topical story..


         Statistics of violence in schools as a result of hit lists, e-mail gossip, etc_________________________________________________________


         Less social interaction amongst teens today. Site statistics.


         Studies showing people more likely to express negative opinions on computer than face to face.

         A personal story about a friend who got into legal trouble posting up a myspace page based on a "friend".




III. Use of Visual Aid. Powerpoint or Posterboard.


         Slide on Violence Statistics over last 25 years._________________


         Slide on detrimental MYSPACE page. ____________________


         Slide on teen opinion. "Are you more critical "on-line" than in person ?"



III. Summarize, with a powerful statement or a question that leaves the listener with something to think about.


         Just think to yourself.. "Have I ever wrote something on-line about someone that could result in trouble ?" Let's face it, the temptation is great for many of us and the price can be too.





Websites to get started.




ThinkQuest web site on Computer Ethics:



ACM's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct:



Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science:



Centre for Applied Ethics: Resources on the WWW:



Computer Ethics - Cyber Ethics:



Ethics in Computing:



IEEE Ethics Committee:



Computer Institute's Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics:



DePaul University Computer Ethics Links:



Kevin Bowyer's Ethics and Computing Links:



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Ethics Updates by Lawrence Hinman