BASIC COMPUTERS                                    NAME: _________________________


Mr. Penza


Objective:    The students will exercise their ability to research on the internet with their skills in MS/Word layout as they create an Historical Document or Web Page.


Tasks:          1. Choose a topic/ field with which you are familiar or enjoy as a hobby.


                        Ideas to consider:                    A Particular Professional Sport.            Musical Styles  Specific Business   Entertainment    Medical Practice               Political Arena


                        2. Choose or Find at least 5 people who have established themselves in this field.


                        3. Now create a Main Document Page.    This Page will include an introductory paragraph about your topic.    It should also include the following:


¨       Background Theme or Color.

¨       A Picture depicting or representing the topic

¨       First Line Indent Paragraph

¨       Sans-Serif Title, Centered

¨       Serif Paragraph Body

¨       Double Indented Bullets listing each person you have chosen.


4. Now you must do some internet web surfing to find an informative page about each of your chosen people.   Keep track of the Web addresses for each person.


5.  Finally,  create Hyperlinks next to each person's name.    From the main page, you will be able to view the information about each person by clicking on the hyperlink.  


6.  Save the File as a  *.doc word file.   If possible save it also as an HTML document.   You may lose some formatting when saving as HTML.  That is okay.   SAVE AS DOCUMENT FIRST!


                        Doc:   ___________________        HTML:  ______________________




          ___    Topic chosen meets criteria                 ___    5 credible personalities have been chosen

___    Background/ Color is in effect             ___    A representative picture is on page

___    First Line Indent is in effect               ___    Sans-Serif Title

___    Serif  Paragraph                                  ___    Double Indent Bullets

___    Hyperlinks are in place and working     ___    File is properly Saved.