a WebQuest incorporating Word/Excel and Internet Explorer



This lesson is a group project where students have to research a variety of electronic personal storage devices (mp3’s, IPod, etc) to determine the most cost effective solution for each situation.



To have students use their internet research techniques, technical knowledge and common knowledge to evaluate and produce solutions for given “customer” scenarios


Background of use in curriculum:

This lesson to be used in conjunction with units on Microsoft Excel, Word or Internet search techniques.


The Lesson Begins:

Groups of 2 or Individuals will work on this project.  Read each of the following scenarios.   In each story, a customer is searching for an electronic device that will assist them to resolve a difficulty.   You will following the TASK instructions and provide solutions for each “customer”.


I.  The Alien Demand

Proto, a fine young specimen from the planet, KRUTON, has landed on Earth.   New York City, Times Square, NY.      He wants to find a way to produce audio and visual representations of America so that he can report back to KRUTON and assure them that Earth is not a threatening place.

He will store copies of important documents, music, videos to illustrate this case to his fellow Krutonians.  You are the first earthling that he detects.   His question is simple.   “What device can I use to store this information?”   He has very little money.  Since he has been telebeamed to earth, he can only bring back what he can hold in his hand or pocket.

Give him a good solution to his request.


II.  A Mother’s Dilemma

 Mrs. Simpleton is trying hard to find her son Johnny, a device that will allow him to listen to his favorite music, while still allowing her peace and quiet in her home.   She understands that anything she does purchase must meet with his standards of “being cool”.   (he must look good when using it)  She enters the local Electronics Emporium where you work and confronts you with the question. “What can I get him?”.   Give her a good solution to her request.


III.  The Hot Shot Executive

Mr. A.J. Huffington is a high-priced financial consultant who lives on communicating hot tips to his wealthy clients.   He needs a small device that will allow him to record his valuable sound bytes and e-mail them to his clients in a timely manner.   He also loves to listen to South Coast Cool Jazz, which soothes his very frantic manner.   What is your solution device for him?


IV.  The Up and Coming Corporate Star

Ms. Elizabeth Ashenby is a young professional who is very busy feverishly working her way to the top.   She has so many appointments that she can’t keep track.   Her boss has begun to express some disappointment recently.   Last week, she missed 2 extremely important business appointments that cost her company significant potential business.  She is now trying to find a remedy.   Can you suggest a personal device that will enable her to keep a calendar, communication with clients and bring her back on the road to success?




1.  For each Scenario, perform the following steps:


2. Use the Internet to research possible solutions.  Use effective search words like:   personal electronic devices, electronic organizers,  mp3 players


3. Find 3 possible solution devices.   Log the following facts about each:

          a. Device Name       b.  Manufacturer    c. Price        d. Warranty

          e. Delivery or Pickup        f. Web Site Location        g. Rating

          h. 3 positive attributes     i. 3 negative attributes


4.  Enter all information into an Excel Spreadsheet.


5.  Create a Full Block Style Letter in MS/Word explaining your recommendation. 


6. Include the Excel Spreadsheet as a comparison.  Highlight your choice.


7.  Save the final document.  Be prepared to discuss your solution.



Resources to Assist:

Sites to perform research:

Search:        Google          Yahoo           Ask


Sites that Review Products:


PC Magazine          C/Net                   Epinions


Sites that Sell Products:


PCConnection          Newegg        Bestbuy       CDW



Example Word/Spreadsheet







Excel Columns/Rows properly labeled


All Columns/Rows filled in


3 Positives are effectively identified


3 Negatives are effectively identified


Excel Sheet Formatted effectively (color, currency, fonts, shading)


Word Document is Full Block Style.


Excel embedded in Word Doc as per Sample


3 devices all perform required functions


Pricing/Web site are properly stated


Final recommendation is effectively supported by documentation