A Brief History of WordProcessing



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Text Box:  Today we think nothing of clicking on the MS/Word Icon and drafting our letters or research papers. But how did it all begin?  Who can we thank for making our written communication process so much easier? Did Microsoft always play such a dominant role in the wordprocessing marketAnd what of Miss LucyWill she be saved from the railroad tracks before the 4:15 from Kansas City rolls inFor the answers to these and more questions that try students’ souls,  read on!


Objective: Using the links given or your own favorite search engines,  find the answers to the questions below.
























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  1. What company gained great success with the Selectric typewriter?
  2. What was the first major wordprocessing software for the DOS O/S?
  3. Why did the popular package fail with their “2000” version?
  4. Name the WP software that swept the market in the late 80’s?
  5. What occurred around 1990 that caused a shift in WP Software marketshare?
  6. What wordprocessing software maintained steady success with MAC-Apple Computers?
  7. Name two companies that made serious mistakes in their wordprocessing application product planning?
  8. Sketch out a timeline from 1983 to Current DayShow 3 significant wordprocessing events?
  9. WYSIWYG is an acronymn for this?
  10. Microsoft Office Standard consists of what application software?