Brett Penza

Math in Technology

September 17,2006

Instructor: Mary Ellen DuBois

Lesson Plan 1.6: The Mathematics of Dodger Baseball


A Technology Plan with elements of Mathematical Thinking, Microsoft Excel, and Dodger Baseball Stats.


Designed for a High School classroom.

The NCTM Framework Standards employed:

·        Develop fluency in operations with real numbers, vectors, and matrices, using mental computation or paper-and-pencil calculations for simple cases and technology for more-complicated cases.

·        Judge the reasonableness of numerical computations and their results

·        Draw reasonable conclusions about a situation being modeled

·        Compute basic statistics and understand the distinction between a statistic and a parameter.


Websites to be used: The Los Angeles Dodgers Web Site


Lesson Objective: To introduce the student to the relationship of MLB batting statistics, and then incorporate this understanding by applying formula concepts and analysis in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.



1. Display the Los Angeles Dodger Team Batting Statistics web page. Through question and answer session, find out how much the students know about calculating Batting Average, On Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage.


2. Give them a few moments to figure out how these statistics are derived by analyzing the columns of statistics. Can they develop a reasonable equation to calculate the values?


3. Now display the Powerpoint presentation and provide examples of the statistical calculations.


4. Show the students how to download the stats into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet by (copy-paste).


5. Ask them to explain the OBP stat for J. Drew. How is this derived? (H + BB)/(AB+BB)


6. Why are some of the Statistics not exactly correct? (We don’t have access to Sacrifice Information)


7. Have Students complete Worksheet for credit.










Student can execute and explain all formulas with high efficiency.

Outstanding effort on task.

Quickly develops chart with accuracy.

Consistent Performance

Excellent answers provided.



Student can develop formula but has a little trouble communicating the concepts.

Formulas are slowly developed with extensive concentration.

Good answers. Correct most of the time. Some error in logic.



Student has trouble completing all formulas, but seems to communicate a general understanding.

Formulas are not correct at times. Effort is being made.

Averages in the 50% range for accuracy. More effort required to grasp concepts.



Student is not able to develop the formula to arrive at an answer.

No sign of formula knowledge.

No valid answers supplied. Poor effort.









“Dodger Baseball” NAME: ______________________

Student WorkSheet


1. What is missing from the statistics, for us to give a truly accurate OBP number?



2. If a player has the following statistics, how many singles has he hit? _____________

            H:176 2B: 25 3B: 10 HR: 17


3. Using above numbers, what are his TOTAL BASES? ____________________


4. Would a player who strikes out 10 times, hurt his BA more than a player that grounds out to 2nd Base 10 times? _____________________


5. Who has the highest Lifetime Slugging Average in the history of MLB? ____________

(Hint: Google the National Baseball Hall of Fame)



Hands ON Project


You have been asked by the General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers to develop a Spread Sheet on the Top 10 Batters on the Dodger Club. Extract the required data from the Dodger website. Then, create a spreadsheet that will show the top 10 batters by: 

·        Batting Average (highest to lowest).

·        Slugging Average (highest to lowest)

·        On Base Percentage (highest to lowest)

·         Most Singles Hit (highest to lowest).


You will need to use your technical skills to download the statistics page to Microsoft Excel, and then use the DATA Sorting tools to organize your information. For Most Singles Hit, remember to subtract 2B’s 3B’s and HR from total Hits.


Present your SpreadSheet with appropriate fonts, bold, italics, and box styles.


Save the file to the Server Folder for your Class and print file name below:



File Name: ______________________


One Example:



Top 10 Batting Averages



Player name